What Age Gap is considered too big ?

What Age Gap is considered too big ? Having an age gap in a relationship might be a problem for some couples especially if one of the partners is overly sensitive to the opinion of the community that surrounds them, but the line often gets blurry on what age difference is too much.

What Age Gap is considered too big ?

Mostly an age gap of more than 10 years is considered too big But to be more specific use this formula  OR  look up your age in the table below to find your recommended age gap :


socially acceptable age gap = (one age)-((one age)÷2+7))


For example: if the older partner’s age is 46 years and the younger is 32 we will divide 46 by 2 which is 23, and add 7 which is 30 so a socially normal age gap would be 46 – 30 so the max-age gap that is socially normal for a 45year is 16years of difference.

the following table gives the socially acceptable age gap for each age 

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How do you overcome the age gap in a relationship ?

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in order to overcome the age gap in a relationship you need to keep in mind these simple principles:

Know That Maturity Is Relative

Focus on your common interests to bridge the age difference. Spend time doing activities you both enjoy, and the age gap will tend to vanish. For both sides, meeting each other’s friends (and interacting with people from various generations) may be exciting and empowering. Try new things, meet new people, and get involved in each other’s lives to expand each other’s horizons.

Make sure that the power dynamics in the relationship are balanced

It is particularly important that regardless of who is older or younger in the relationship, neither partner should mother the other. It can be tough for individuals who play that role among friends to resist acting in the same manner with their significant partner, but it is vital to try. Mothering may sometimes turn into a bitter fight between partners, which isn’t healthy.

Do relationships with age gaps last ?


According to studies, both men and women report being happier in their marriages when their partners were younger. Despite the fact that couples with an age gap starting off happier, their happiness dropped more drastically over time than couples of the same age.

The combined impacts of societal criticism commonly experienced by age-gap couples, as well as health issues that may befall an older spouse, may contribute to this decrease.

what is the best age gap in a relationship ?

the ideal age gap according to experts is from one year to 3 years. These are the couples who have the best chance of remaining together, with a breakup probability of less than 3%.

Couples with a four- to six-year age gap were also happier than those with a seven-year or longer gap. In general, as the age gap increased, marriage satisfaction dropped. One idea backed by the study’s results is that couples of various ages are less robust to negative shocks in their relationship, such as financial difficulty and sickness.

Nevertheless, don t lose all hope for age gap relationships Because There is no common recipe for ensuring happiness in a relationship or marriage success. Every marriage has its own set of hardships and tribulations, and every couple finds a way to deal with the obstacles that life throws at them. Some people make it, while others don’t

Can age difference ruin a relationship ?.

the short answer is yes age difference definitely can play a big part in the stability of a relationship Researchers from Emory University discovered that a 5-year age difference resulted in an 18% greater chance of divorce compared to couples of the same age after interviewing over 3,000 men and women a few years ago. but you have to keep in mind that this depends on you more, and the degree of stability in your relationship.

society view on older men dating younger women

Although this scenario is seen as more “classic”, it continues to get a lot of people talking. Indeed many say of women dating an older man that they do it for the money and the social status, some even go so far as to say that they find a father figure in their partner! Faced with all these nasty rantings, Many give in to the social pressure of those around them and put an end to their love story. In fact, older men are often more mature and know what they want and what they don’t want …

In addition, we must not believe that they are not concerned by all this easy mockery and nastiness. A man dating a younger woman risks having the woman he loves referred to as « Chicken » by all his colleagues and friends. Or even worse, we could stick a « midlife crisis (or other) » on his back …

society view on older women dating younger men

If there is a « classic » case, it is because there is also a case that is out of the ordinary. Sorry ladies but here again you are brutally judged by society. Because yes in our society we do not forgive a woman foraging, especially if she is beautiful.

Age conveys an idea of ​​ »physical capacity » in women and therefore has a much greater impact on their social condition than for a man. Even if it is still taboo to throw yourself on the arm of a younger man, recently, more and more women in their forties or more do not hesitate to turn to these kinds of partners. Less busy with their work and sometimes much more attractive than men of the same age.

So get over the fear of « What the hell is he thinking? » And live your passion. After all, it’s your life and you only have one until proven guilty so live for yourself and not for others!

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